Saturday, March 6, 2010

Thing #16- Wikis

Yippee for Wikis! I was first introduced to wikis about 6 months ago when my husband was taking a technology course for his masters program. He showed me the Common Craft Video and my mind started thinking. My very first wiki that I created was made for collaborating with my team at school. This year we have been taking grades on all of the same assignments and it's been difficult for us to know how we are grading them, what name we should enter them under in our gradebook, ect. This wiki provides a location where we can post this information and reference it at anytime when there is a questions. It has been a great help!
While look at the links I came across the Grand Rapids Public Library Wiki. I love how it is organized by audience. I found some great books under the kids section on dyslexia. I work with many dyslexic children and I was not aware of these great picture books to share with them. I have already ordered a couple of them!
The possibilities with wikis are exciting. They can be a wonderful way to share what you know with other professionals or learn from others as they share their expertise. This could be a great way for librarians in a district to communicate and share lessons they are using or even ask questions.

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  1. Thanks so much; these are great links! Check this one out, too. Although it doesn't have dyslexia, it is organized by several topics and looks interesting!

    Thanks again for introducing a whole new side of wikis!