Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Thing #18- Online Tools

Google Docs are fantastic and I only wish I would have explored them long ago! I had heard about them but never took the time to see what it had to offer. I chose to use Google Docs because I already had an account and I'm not sure I can remember yet another username and password!! It was easy to use and I immediately realized one major advantage of using this program verses Microsoft Office. No more making sure I have my flashdrive everywhere I go! I can simply upload my documents and access them from any computer with internet. There have been many times when I forgot to grab my flashdrive and I was stuck without something I needed. Not anymore!
You can also organize your documents in folders to easily find what you are looking for or create new documents. Sharing documents for collaboration is easy too!
The only disadvantage I can see is that you would have to have internet access to pull up your documents.
I can definitely see myself using this tool in the future. I have already upload some documents so I can access them at school!

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