Sunday, February 14, 2010

Thing #13 Delicious and Diigo

I truly wish this "thing" would have come sooner! I was in desperate need of something like this after spending hours finding articles for a an annotated bibliography I have been working on. My bookmarks are a mess! I first spent some time looking at Delicious first and I thought the Common Craft guys again did a great job explaining the features and what it can do for me!

I also spent some time on Diigo and I really liked this site. I set up an account and got started right away moving some of my bookmarks there. We had a training at school on Diigo and it just happened to be on the day I was sick. I had heard other talk about how neat the features like highlighting and sticky notes were and I got to see it first hand today! This will help tremendously while I am finishing up my bibliography. I can simply highlight parts of the text that are important while I am reading it. I love the idea of organizing the bookmarks with tags. I think this will definitely be something I continue to use and I can see how teachers/librarians can use it for sharing ideas. I am interested in hearing the ideas everyone else has on how it can be used in school because to be honest, not many ideas are coming to mind! Can't wait to hear your ideas! Till next time.....

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  1. I, too, am using Diigo to aid me in my research. I feel overwhelmed by the amount of articles I find, so it is great to have a place to save them to look at later. It would be too onerous a task to print everything out! The highlight option is helpful. I will probably use the sticky note feature later when I go back to re-read. I still need to improve on putting appropriate tags on the things I save.