Sunday, January 24, 2010

Thing #5- Flickr

Today I spent some time exploring Flickr. While I was searching, I found the tags to be useful in order to find photos on a certain topic. I first searched for some pictures of cloud formations. This is an objective that is taught in second grade and I found some wonderful examples to show the kids. See below! This picture was uploaded from "tipiro's photostream."

I then explored the groups feature where you can share photos within a group of people and set them to be public or private. I found a group titled: 2nd Grade: Native Americans that caught my interest. This group created an activity for their students to explore a variety of photos of different regions of the United States and use them to compare the climate, land, and plant life for a particular Native American group. What a great idea! I was not able to see all the documents, but I did send a request to be a part of the group and learn more about how they use Flickr to incorporate technology on the classroom.

I also found another group titled: School Library Displays that I thought would be very helpful for a new librarian looking for ideas to set up a visually stimulating library. I know as a teacher, we beg, borrow, and steal good ideas for our classrooms and this is a great idea for librarians to share their creative ideas as well! This photo was uploaded from bookbuddies.

Overall, I think that Flickr is a useful resource and a great collaborative tool for sharing photos and ideas! I already have lots of ideas turning in my head on how I can use it!


  1. After reading your post and looking at all the great features that flickr can offer, I have found myself getting excited about Thing 4. The hotlinks were awesome and much appreciated. I love the ideas that you are working on for your 2nd grade students to discuss cloud formations. I am wondering if the students would enjoy taking pictures of different cloud formations to create an entire blog about clouds. This might just be my new way to get kids excited about research and being responsible for their own education. Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. be sure when you use someone's picture, that you give credit. There are several ways it can be done, but Flickr makes it pretty easy. There is always a hotlink to the owner that can be copied and added to the blog post. Quite often you will see the credits at the bottom of the post.

  3. Thank you for the guidance! I have made some changes to credit them.

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