Saturday, January 30, 2010

Thing #8 RSS Feeds

RSS feeds and Google reader were not something I knew anything about before today. Google Reader is a place where I can subscribe to different blogs/news feeds and receive instant updates. This is a wonderful way to stay current on your information and to SAVE TIME doing it! Who doesn't like the sound of that? A librarian could subscribe to author's blogs and teachers/principals could keep up with different associations to make sure they never miss a thing!

I was thinking about how this could be used in my personal life and I wondered if Pet Finder had an RSS feed. I did not see one on the site. My sister is currently looking for a certain type of dog to adapt and there have been several times that she has found a dog she likes and they already have someone going to look at it. Wouldn't it be neat if they had a RSS feed that would update you on the new dogs posted for a certain dog breed? Maybe that is wishful thinking, but I couldn't help but think how great that would be for my sister!

Learning about RSS feeds was not as fun as some of the other "things" but certainly useful for my personal and professional life.


  1. I noticed the site had a can add that link to your reader and keep up that way. Try putting the link to the particular page (where info about the dogs is) in your reader and see if you don't get "notified" of changes...

  2. P.S. I just noticed by my comment post that your blog clock is still set to the default time of Pacific time zone...go into Settings and under Formatting and you can set the correct time...I'm not writing at 4:30 am!