Friday, January 29, 2010

Thing #7- Google Tools

I have always been a google user for searches simply because it is what I've known. I had never taken the time to look at all the interesting tools it has to offer. I enjoyed exploring igoogle where I was able to create a homepage specific to my interests. One of my favorite tools I found was the To Do List. I am a HUGE list maker and I don't think I could live without one! There is no greater satisfaction than crossing off something I have accomplished on my list! I wonder if using the strike-through feature would do the trick too?

I also like the tool that shows the current phase of the moon. This is one of our second grade objectives and this tool can really come in handy when the kids come to school and say " We didn't see the moon. It was cloudy.

I also looked into the Atomic Learning site. This is a site where you can go for quick and easy online training on different software applications and also submit questions you may have. I thought this was a great site, until I noticed that a subscription was needed and it wasn't cheap!

As a librarian using Google Alerts would be a great way to keep up with different authors, awards, and even new technologies.


  1. Atomic Learning is a subscription, but they often provide free showings of topics...not sure when but you can watch the site ofr these free offerings

  2. I, too, make lists and enjoy the satisfaction of checking off my accomplishments. The Google app would definitely help me with this slight problem I have with my lists: I forget where I put the piece of paper where I made the list.